Thought of the night…water birth!!

Water birth! Something that typically comes to mind when you’re pregnant. You always want the best for your child and for yourself. You try to eat healthy despite those late night cravings. You spend countless hours thinking about every detail of how you want your pregnancy to turn out. Pregnancy is such an amazing adventure! Delivery is another.

Have you ever had a birthing plan to include a water birth then opted for a more traditional hospital birth? Even though the rate of a hospital birth is higher, doesn’t mean that it was planned out as such.

So what factors come into play? Number one answer is FEAR!! Or more specfically, will I have access to pain medication while delivering this human from out of my va-(you-know-what)?! That really all depends if its an option where you are going to deliver. I’m telling you right now, my hospital births were WAYYYY more painful!

All of these things went through my mind one night while I was showering (per usual place of thinking). My first three children were hospital births and they were all horrible experiences! None of the doctors that I saw throughout my entire pregnancy actually delivered me! That really upset me, I mean for me to have connected with the doctor throughout my pregnancy then to have a stranger deliver my child was just bonkers.

My cousin who I grew up with, (we are practically sisters) told me about water births. I had pondered on the idea but didn’t have any information on it. So when my boyfriend and I found out we were going to have another baby I went straight away to the birthing center and fell in love!

I had just delivered a few hours prior to this photo, I was tired.

I LOVED my last 2 deliveries. I wouldn’t want it any other way EVER AGAIN! I was in a setting that was calm and relaxing. No loud beeping, being connected to tubes, loud voice over the PA system calling for someone. It was serene. The best part, my midwives who I had seen throughout my pregnancy were actually there for me! I have no recollection of the doctors and nurses that helped me deliver my first 3 babies. Slight details here and there but I literally do not know who caught my baby or who was even in the room besides my partner. It’s embarrassing for me to even mention that.

Haley checking Damon’s vitals.

Devon and Aimee were the two midwives with my 4th. Vanna, Gina and Haley were the midwives and nurse with my 5th. I absolutely love and adore these women. Maybe its my hormones, but I literally want to cry every time I think about all they did for me to help me have the absolute best water birth experience that I could have possibly had. These remarkable women move from their hometown to work at the local birthing center for only a short stay then they go back home If I ever do get pregnant again they wouldn’t be there which is the downfall. But of course I would then meet another set of wonderful women and the process starts all over. Their dedication and passion is just so meaningful to me.

Would you like to hear my birthing stories? Please leave a comment and like if you’ve thought about or have had a water birth. Was it a great experience for you as well? Till next time, Rod squad out.

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