Lyra aqua brush review

Upon my recent visit to Ross, I found these brush markers in the art section of the store.

So i took them home to give them a try.

So out of the package they reminded me of tombow dual brush markers. They have a similar body from end to end.

I will use these two set of colors for comparison. The Tombows are from the Bright Palette collection. As you can also see the tips on both ends are incredibly similar. Top is Lyra and bottoms is Tombow.

Picture of back to show any bleeding.

So as you can see everything is incredibly similar. So if you don’t have enough for Tombow Primary pack (12 colors) which are 16.47 on Amazon right now, you could get the Lyra (12 colors) pack for 12.75 and you’re getting a great deal! I hope my review has encouraged you to try out the Lyra Aqua brush markers! I have also linked a video swatching the colors. Please like and subscribe!

Disclaimer: I was not given these markers, I bought them with my own money and am giving my honest review on these.

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