How-To use Tombow Dual Brush Markers as watercolors!!

Do you have Tombow Brush Pens and want to learn new ways to use them? Here is a fun project you can try with just a few supplies! Let’s get started!

Materials needed for this project:

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens
  • Tombow Blending Palette or Ceramic Tile (for placing color on)
  • Watercolor or Mix Media Paper
  • Waterproof pen (if you don’t have one, that’s ok, you can trace in the lines after you are done painting.)
  • Water brush or dry watercolor brush
  • Jar of clean water

First, you want to come up with a design. I’m going to draw a simple rainbow for this activity. The Tombow markers I am using are from the bright palette collection.

Next, you want to start swatching out your colors on the blending palette or ceramic plate. I placed my colors in the order of which I will use them.

Now, start you masterpiece! Remember, clean off your brush after every color you use to stop the colors from blending in together. This prevents you from making a whole different color than desired.

**Blending Tip** While the colors are still wet on the paper, add the second color and watch the magic happen as the two colors meet!

Congratulations, you now have another way to use your Tombow Markers. Please share your artwork and tag me on Instagram! Follow the link to take you there now

I would love for you to tell me what you think. Please leave me a comment and thanks for sticking with me!!

Lyra aqua brush review

Upon my recent visit to Ross, I found these brush markers in the art section of the store.

So i took them home to give them a try.

So out of the package they reminded me of tombow dual brush markers. They have a similar body from end to end.

I will use these two set of colors for comparison. The Tombows are from the Bright Palette collection. As you can also see the tips on both ends are incredibly similar. Top is Lyra and bottoms is Tombow.

Picture of back to show any bleeding.

So as you can see everything is incredibly similar. So if you don’t have enough for Tombow Primary pack (12 colors) which are 16.47 on Amazon right now, you could get the Lyra (12 colors) pack for 12.75 and you’re getting a great deal! I hope my review has encouraged you to try out the Lyra Aqua brush markers! I have also linked a video swatching the colors. Please like and subscribe!

Disclaimer: I was not given these markers, I bought them with my own money and am giving my honest review on these.

Where are you?

As you read this post, think about where you are. Are you comfortable? In the bathroom? Laying down? Sitting at your desk, scrolling mindlessly to find something remotely interesting?

I am in…bed, the kids are asleep and I should be too but this is MY TIME. The only time I have for myself is now. I do get a few minutes alone here and there. But right now I’m talking about a few hours WITHOUT DISRUPTIONS. My brain is fried as it usually is toward the end of the day longing for that night time replenish just to be drained all over again the next day. But that’s ok to me, is it like that for you?

If you’re one of those early birds, my question to you is, how do you do it? When do you get time to do things? I’ve honestly tried to go to bed early, wake up early and I somehow wake up feeling even worse!! I will probably always be a night owl.

I am comfortable at least, during this late night post, when I get time to write and draw and that’s what matters for me. I don’t think I would be able to get anything done if I wasn’t comfortable while working. So let me know! When you’re doing a hobby, working, playing video games, etc., are you comfortable and having fun? I HOPE YOU have a great day, afternoon, night whatever time of day it is for you! See ya later alligator!

Art was always apart of my life

Since I remember, my mother has always been artistic. I absolutely have to give credit to her when it comes to my artsy abilities. When I was little, I remember this awesome red and white fabric notebook she made me. There I would draw anything that I put my mind to. Not only that, but she would also make and decorate my birthday cakes which I absolutely loved, her and my grandma would make me clothes, they would also both knit and crochet which I always wanted to do. My grandmother also fed my craving to learn. So when it comes down to art, I really do love ALL THINGS ART!!

Even though I wasn’t really taught by them, I eventually practiced and learned basics from just watching and reading on How-To guides I would pick up at my local craft stores. I’ve picked up a few skills along the way.

  • drawing
  • painting
  • calligraphy
  • scrapbooking
  • jewelry making
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • photography

My grandfather was also an excellent carpenter, in turn sparked my fuel wanting to learn woodworking. As a child, rarely was I allowed to use any of his tools without supervision of course but eventually I took classes in high school and wanted to make my future career to be an architect. Time has changed that but I still love the idea.

Now being a stay at home mommy I want my children to have some of that love for art I also had as a child. Whatever I may be doing at the moment, they always want to join in too. We work out a plan for everyone to join in…eventually.

As I future goal, I would like to improve all of my skills. I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means but it sure does have a nice ring to it.


In the beginning

One thing I hate the most about myself is my memory. I hardly remember anything from my past. Don’t get me wrong, I do remember but I would like to remember more. I can remember as far as being 3, in headstart, the taste of the toothpaste I had in our daily teethbrushing routine was the best thing ever. I remember it so distinctly! But contrary to that, I can’t remember where I was when I went into labor with my first child. I try so hard to remember but I just can’t.

So I’m doing this for me, for my children, for others to learn from my experiences and the knowledge that I have within me. I believe my choices as a mother, wife, girlfriend, friend, coworker are unique and others can learn from what I have already experienced or gain a sense of knowledge on subjects that I know and are familiar with.

A little background about myself, I’m 31. I suppose I started living though a midlife crisis since I was 16 and it hasn’t stopped. When I feel like things are getting better, something worse happens and the whole cycle of “digging the whole deeper” starts all over again. I have 5 amazing, wonderful children. I’m a divorcée, but after that I have found someone that holds my heart. We aren’t married but I know it’ll happen. We’ve already picked out rings just waiting for that wonderful day of surprise when he asks me to marry him.

I struggle sometimes with depression, anxiety and stress amongst other problems but I work through it. The stories of my life aren’t all cupcakes and rainbows and I don’t sugarcoat it. It is what it is. (I dislike that saying btw). Sometimes my negativity brings me down to that level. You just absolutely have to think positive, as hard as that is to do! It really helps.

I’ve picked up drawing, painting and calligraphy to help with my stress. Which brings me to another reason for why I wanted to do this. To help me share my artwork with the world.

So I end today with a quote from Harriet Tubman, she says.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Thought of the night…water birth!!

Water birth! Something that typically comes to mind when you’re pregnant. You always want the best for your child and for yourself. You try to eat healthy despite those late night cravings. You spend countless hours thinking about every detail of how you want your pregnancy to turn out. Pregnancy is such an amazing adventure! Delivery is another.

Have you ever had a birthing plan to include a water birth then opted for a more traditional hospital birth? Even though the rate of a hospital birth is higher, doesn’t mean that it was planned out as such.

So what factors come into play? Number one answer is FEAR!! Or more specfically, will I have access to pain medication while delivering this human from out of my va-(you-know-what)?! That really all depends if its an option where you are going to deliver. I’m telling you right now, my hospital births were WAYYYY more painful!

All of these things went through my mind one night while I was showering (per usual place of thinking). My first three children were hospital births and they were all horrible experiences! None of the doctors that I saw throughout my entire pregnancy actually delivered me! That really upset me, I mean for me to have connected with the doctor throughout my pregnancy then to have a stranger deliver my child was just bonkers.

My cousin who I grew up with, (we are practically sisters) told me about water births. I had pondered on the idea but didn’t have any information on it. So when my boyfriend and I found out we were going to have another baby I went straight away to the birthing center and fell in love!

I had just delivered a few hours prior to this photo, I was tired.

I LOVED my last 2 deliveries. I wouldn’t want it any other way EVER AGAIN! I was in a setting that was calm and relaxing. No loud beeping, being connected to tubes, loud voice over the PA system calling for someone. It was serene. The best part, my midwives who I had seen throughout my pregnancy were actually there for me! I have no recollection of the doctors and nurses that helped me deliver my first 3 babies. Slight details here and there but I literally do not know who caught my baby or who was even in the room besides my partner. It’s embarrassing for me to even mention that.

Haley checking Damon’s vitals.

Devon and Aimee were the two midwives with my 4th. Vanna, Gina and Haley were the midwives and nurse with my 5th. I absolutely love and adore these women. Maybe its my hormones, but I literally want to cry every time I think about all they did for me to help me have the absolute best water birth experience that I could have possibly had. These remarkable women move from their hometown to work at the local birthing center for only a short stay then they go back home If I ever do get pregnant again they wouldn’t be there which is the downfall. But of course I would then meet another set of wonderful women and the process starts all over. Their dedication and passion is just so meaningful to me.

Would you like to hear my birthing stories? Please leave a comment and like if you’ve thought about or have had a water birth. Was it a great experience for you as well? Till next time, Rod squad out.